Sep 27, 2010

Not Taking The Easy Road

This blog post is about my friend Melissa. I've known Melissa about 10 years or so and in that time she has become one of my closest and dearest friends. We met at work when we were assigned to a project together. We are about as different as can be in terms of temperament and personalities, but she is an amazingly strong woman who has taught me so much about myself and my health.

She is the one who gave me information about PCOS and insulin resistance and started my search for a doctor who would actually help me with, rather than blame me for, my weight loss issues.

Melissa has had her own struggles with weight loss and has now decided to take a huge step towards changing her lifestyle and becoming healthy. She is spending 8 weeks away from her family at the Fitness Ridge Resort in Utah, also known as the Biggest Loser Resort.

While she's away, she's going to be blogging about her experience and I know she would appreciate all the support and encouragement she can go check out her blog, say hi and follow her on this part of her journey.

We've made a pact that we will both blog every day to support each other and for all the help and friendship and love Mel has given me, blogging each day and reading her blog each day is a small token of my appreciation, plus....I know it will help me to find my way again.

Her blog is at: Not Taking The Easy Road