Oct 5, 2012

Feast or Famine

After spending 3 months looking for a new job and now having one, today I got two more calls for interviews - for really good jobs! And confirmation of progressing through a process for another one I've been waiting for quite some time.

Unfortunately I didn't get to run today, I ended up having to go get bloodwork done because I forgot about the date of my endo appointment, I thought it was next Thursday but its actually next Tuesday. I had to fast before the bloodwork so couldn't run then and because of medical issues I can't exercise for about 12 hours after having blood taken. But I should be ok for tomorrow although I will have to run alone, today I would have had a running mate (well I would be following the running mate....)

Since I had to go out to get the bloodwork done, I did all the other errands at the same time; picked up the prescription, dropped off the dry cleaning, sent back forms to my new employer (they are burying me in paperwork!) and then picked up groceries. I got a lot of walking in today. I had to take the bus back from the grocery store but still ended up with 4 large bags of groceries. As I was on the second bus, someone asked me if I was ok and then pointed to my arm. My white hoodie had a quickly spreading red stain on my sleeve.  One of the advantages of my hospital neighbourhood is that I always see nurses on the bus. There were 4 nurses on this bus, one took charge and cleaned my arm and wrapped it tightly with a handkerchief and applied pressure. The gushing bleeding stopped pretty quickly. She said it was carrying the heavy grocery bags so soon after having blood taken, that the vein wasn't very strong. She said if it started again I should go to Emergency, but it was fine once she wrapped it and now the puncture is a tiny red mark, you can't even imagine how much blood it was spewing earlier. But I am tired and have a splitting headache.

Food was not great today. Because of the bloodwork, I was out and didn't take anything with me (breaking my number one rule) and ended up getting an egg salad sandwich at Tim's but I didn't eat the bread, just the filling (eggs and some kind of over processed mayo, no doubt) and a coffee with dairy creamer.

I came home and had an apple with almond cashew butter and for dinner had an egg muffin (microwaved egg with peppers/onions).

You would think I'm allergic to vegetables, no?

But.......thanks to Norma, I've found the magic bullet and can be at my goal weight in 2 weeks...why am I working so hard again?

Day 3 Whole 30 (fail) - October 5, 2012

B - egg salad (not Whole30 compliant) and coffee (not Whole30 compliant)
L - apple with 1 tbsp almond cashew butter
D - egg with onions/peppers


  1. I never listen to the lab techs after having blood drawn when they say, "Don't do anything strenuous with that arm for several hours!" But I think I will pay more attention from now on. :)

  2. @Norma, this has never happened before and I have been getting blood work done every three months for the last 10 years!

  3. Glad there were people to help you on the bus! that's crazy.

  4. Wow so glad there were nurses on your bus! Sounds like a busy day! Congrats on the job!!

  5. Hey Enz! I would have freaked out a little bit if I had the same issue you had. Glad to hear you found a job btw!

    Congrats, have a good one!


  6. Hello. It's me Sharon. I deleted my blog Mind Over Mouth because I really found some of the hateful things said out there just more than I can handle right now. Will still be following your blog. You have always been kind to me and very supportive. I thank you so much for that.

  7. Just checking in to say - hope the work situ has come up roses and you're AOK :)

  8. Hi - Just thinking of you as you're at your first week of the new job. Hope it's going well!