Jan 20, 2013


I've got two races lined up for 2013 so far and need to get my running back in full swing.  I've been mostly treadmill walking with bursts of running and running short distances outside on the days we've had good weather, but nowhere close to what I was doing last year when I was doing the Running Room clinics.

The Meredith Hagan Run - I'm going to walk this one with my friend Tina. It's a 5.6 trail run/walk through a conservation area. It was in my top three favourite races/courses last year and I'm excited to be doing it with my hiking buddy this year. We're trying to rope in a few of our other friends as well so we have a bit of a bigger group by the time race day rolls around.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals 10k - This is part of the Mississauga Marathon weekend and I'm doing it with my blogging friend Leanne, who I will finally get to meet. Very excited about that as well.

I'm also still considering the Round the Bay 5k in March in my home city and the Scotiabank 10k and I really want to do the Yonge Street 10k and the Chocolate Race again.

Mostly it depends on scheduling and if I can work out transportation so I may have to miss some of last year's favourites and stick to more local venues.

The last race I did I was the Niagara Falls 10k in October.

I'm going to fight my fear of the treadmill and run at a faster pace on it this week. I am terrified of falling off.  I'm going to go up to 6 m.p.h. for a few minutes at a time and add a few minutes each week. This is way faster than I even run outside so it will take some doing, but I figure the challenge of doing it will keep me interested.


Chubby McGee said...

Oooooooooooooh! Go get 'em, Enz!

Misc Mom said...

You can do it! Fear is literally all in your mind! You can jump (err, run) right over that fear and I'm cheering you on!

Katrin said...

Good for you for planning out your races for the year. I did the Mississauga 10K last year and really liked the route along the lake. I would love to do it again this year, but I haven't been running as much as last year but who knows I might just do it!

Lynn said...

Sounds like some great events! I can't wait to read about them!

Carbie Girl said...

You're a friggin machine Enz, thats awesome!! Good luck on the treadmill, show it whos boss!

FogDog said...

You can go faster than you think!
-FogDog Weight Loss

Scribbles said...

Thumbs up Enz for your runs. There aren't any running type things in the little town I live in. Or walking groups for that matter. Just have to go it alone.

Jess said...

Good luck with your training! It sounds like you guys have some really scenic runs over there. And chocolate run... Sounds perfect! ;)

Chris H said...

I wonder what speed you will get up to? You are doing so well girl.

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