Oct 31, 2016

October Recap & Birthday Blues

October Goals and Recap

October was a great month! I hit 10,000 steps EVERY day and tracked every day. I had lots of blue dots and the days I missed were an equal mix of being under points and over points those days.  I had a pretty consistent weight loss and am feeling very motivated by my success so far. I lost 8lbs in October. I am very pleased with that number. 

I'm ready to rock November!

Niagara Falls 5k 

This is one of my favourite events each year and there are a lot of walkers so it's also fun. I never tire of the beauty of the Falls! 

Birthday Blues
This was probably the worst birthday I've had in a very long time. I was feeling very lonely, and missing many people. I have been for some time but I think the introspective nature of the day made me feel it more.  I was also disappointed by my walk time for the Niagara 5k. Last year's time was 54:30 and this year 55:49 (chip time). I felt like I was walking faster and at a good clip but the clock doesn't lie. On the good side, it was a great day for walking and I got a lot of steps in.

I went for lunch with a friend and his girlfriend but it made me feel more lonely plus my lunch was awful :(. I went to bed at 8 pm and tried to sleep off my mood - it didn't work but I am only allowing myself today (Oct 31) to wallow. November is a new month with new plans and goals. 

Life is far from perfect but I have many blessings to be grateful for and can make the most of the gifts I have. 

November goals will be posted soon! 


  1. You did great! Don't ignore the blues - Get ahead of them... Eat well, sleep enough and exercise. Call friends or make friends... I stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a book club!

  2. 8 pounds in a month is incredible! Way to go!