Jan 31, 2017

How high can you go?

With WW, I get 30 daily points and 35 weekly points. I use the weekly points spread out over the week or sometimes in one restaurant meal – there’s no rhyme or reason and sometimes I use them all and I sometimes I forget they are there and never use them. 

Yesterday was a 65 point day.  

No reason except I was snacking non-stop. No reason for that, except the snacks were there and I didn’t say no. I didn’t start the day with a protein-packed breakfast like I normally do so that was probably the start of the sugar roller coaster and it just continued all day.  I did track it though, strangely, I tracked it very dispassionately and matter of factly. I didn’t seem to care once I hit the 35 point mark and I didn’t care when I hit 65.  I wasn’t mad, sad, guilty or frustrated. I just felt like, “I ate it, so I’ll write it down”.  Weird.  This is the first time this has happened since I started WW and I honestly can see no reason. It wasn’t a binge as I didn’t eat all the points in one sitting or have an ‘urge’ to eat anyone type of food.

Some of it was good food: greek yogurt, olive oil and feta cheese on my salad, a glass of skim milk – some not so good: peanut M&Ms, a small container of Pringles.  I didn’t feel sick at the end of the night nor do I today.  It was a lot of high point food but not really a lot in volume.

I can’t make up those points or get them back so I am moving on. Today, I am back on track and I had my protein bar and apple for breakfast and I know I am good til lunch with that with no sugar lows or spikes.

In the past, this would have derailed me for several days or at least until the next weigh in….but today I can look at it and say, it was one day of bad eating in months of relatively good eating.  It wasn’t the right thing to do for any reason but it’s done and hopefully I can learn from it and recognize next time I am in that situation that I cannot handle not eating enough protein early in the day and cannot handle being around snack type foods.


  1. I know what you mean. Its like someone said, when we get a tyre puncture we do not slash the other tyres.

  2. Your rational and calm reaction to going over points is a good thing. I know that I tend to just keep going once I feel like I blew it! You were able to examine it and learn from it, and then move on, which is great.

  3. This reminds me of something I seen on Pinterest quotes, "One salad won't make you skinny, just like one burger won't make you fat". You have the right mindset ...it was 1 bad day and now you're moving on towards a better one. Good job! :)