Mar 13, 2017

March Madness

I can’t believe we are halfway through March. It feels like a whirlwind!

On the health front, I was able to see a surgeon fairly quickly and he believed my issues were gastro and not pancreas related which was a huge relief to me, I had been playing Dr. Google too much and had myself scared witless.  Anyway, we started a proton pump inhibitor medication which helped almost overnight and I am feeling so very much better.   No pain so I am sleeping better and I think the iron supplements are finally kicking in so I don’t feel like I am dragging myself every single day just to get through the day.  I am not out of the woods yet, I am having a gastroscopy in a few weeks but the surgeon is fairly sure that it will not show anything to worry about.  I’ll keep you posted.

We are expecting a snow storm tonight into tomorrow, but honestly, every March we get a storm warning with a foot of snow (which I know is not a lot to most of the north east) and it never happens, so que sera sera!  I live on what is called “Hamilton Mountain” and work downtown so the only issue is that the roads to get to downtown are steep and winding and sometimes very, very icy with just cold weather, never mind adding snow….but I have good snow tires and everyone drives very slowly and cautiously when required so it’s not really a big hazard.  I do hate the time I have to stand outside clearing off my car though. I hate the time standing outside in the  &^&*% COLD and BLOWING WIND is what I should say.

Work will be fairly quiet this week as its March break and our staff with school age children have taken the week off, including my Manager, so it’s a good time to catch up on little jobs that I can never get around to and to organize my files for 2017 – yep, I have not even done THAT yet. It has been nonstop busy since the New Year and then I was off sick for a week and a half in January.

Road Race season picks up full swing in April and I have not yet decided which races I want to do (walk). I normally do 3-5 races of 5K and one 10K. My race partner had surgery a few weeks ago so she is not sure when she’ll be up to walking that much but I have done the races alone before so I will have to look at the schedule and decide which ones to do.  Some are more welcoming to walkers and others more to runners.  The Around the Bay Road Race in my city (Hamilton) is a big event that I have done pretty much every year since moving here but I am giving it a miss this year. It is by far the most crowded event and although it’s neat to end the race by running/walking into a stadium packed with people – the roads are busy and it is easy to get shoved aside by a runner even whilst walking right at the kerb.  It’s also at the end of March and I hate the cold – have I mentioned that?  I used to blog about every race, you can see some in the link on the right (Event Photos and Results), even some from when I used to actually run (albeit at a turtle's pace!).

I am continuing with Weight Watchers on line and continuing to take one day at a time.  So far, I’m doing well with the program so if it ain’t broke…..


  1. Bugger about the health issues, I hope they are resolved soon. You are doing well with WW online! I personally love going to the meetings just for the company.

  2. I'm glad your health issues a aren't with your pancreas. My husband was in ICU for a month with pancreatitis a year ago. It caused so many other problems and is very scary.

    I look forward to hearing about your races.