Apr 6, 2017

Weigh In Week 29

This week I tried two new things!  I took a Zumba class and a Kettlebell class. Both served to reinforce my un-gracefulness and un-coordination! They were both different than I expected but still very much fun and very challenging.

I also did Aquafit 4 times since my last weigh in, 2 of those classes on the same day as a Zumba and Kettlebell class. In the Kettlebell class we did a lot of things I have never done before; plank, side plank, side lunges and supermans.  I managed to do them all to some degree and I am going to practice at home so next week I won't feel quite so inept.  The Kettlebell class was small - just 10 women of varying sizes and degrees of fitness so it was very inclusive and welcoming. The instructor did not seem very helpful to individuals, as in modifying or correcting form, but she is cheerful and seems very patient so that's always helpful.  Zumba was  madhouse! I counted 40 women. It was very crowded, which always makes me anxious, but once I got into it, I just zoned into the instructor and my own feet and it was fine.

Definitely something was working though because I woke up the morning after the Kettlebell class hurting all over, mostly quads, hamstrings and abs.  I am still somewhat sore today but it is better!

Although Spring has arrived, we are expecting snow tomorrow and it has been rainy the last few days.  The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous though and I am looking forward to a beachfront walk at least one day.

Hope your week is going well!!!


  1. Doing new exercises periodically is key to training. The so-called muscle confusion brings results faster than repetitive exercise. Good job!

  2. Way to go! You've been busy and your hard work shows in your weigh in. Congratulations on the loss.

    New classes sound great. I've never tried either of those.

  3. Whoa, awesome weigh in! I used to take a Zumba class and loved it. It also taught me how uncoordinated I am, ha ha. But it was still fun.

  4. Great weigh in - YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT GROOVE/MOMENTUM. I have ZERO coordination Step, Zumba... you do NOT want to be in my class - I'd be crashing into you; or you would be distracted laughing the whole time. It's great you are trying so many new things! Great way to mix it up/not get bored.

  5. Know what you mean about coordination. I still giggle when I remember my Salsa class - everyone stepped one way... except me, who turned the opposite direction! Got far more exercise laughing than from the dance moves.
    I am thinking of going back to Yoga classes in addition to the resistance training.
    Great to see you keeping on with the great work and reaping the benefits.
    Well done Enz 😃

  6. Love seeing your posts, Enz! Great job this week! :) Enjoy the pain!!!