May 24, 2017


Just a quick post to say life is crazy right now.  Work, personal stuff, health stuff....just very overwhelmed. I am still tracking everything and still following WW.  Walking and the Y have fallen by the wayside for now but I know once this crazy period is over (first week of June), I will get back to it.

Dennis' (my late husband) birthday is next week and I am not sure if that is affecting my general low mood but I am definitely feeling more melancholy, introverted and withdrawn than usual.

I have not been weighing myself in the mornings the last week and half.  I've been getting up early and going to work so early that by the time I remember, I am already dressed or eaten breakfast or out the door and tell myself I will do it the next day and then I forget again.

My night time weigh ins are all between 186-189 so I'm not worried at all.  My clothes are fitting even looser and people keep telling me I am "tiny". Tiny is an extreme exaggeration!  I was able to buy size Large at a regular store last week and size 14 Nine West jeans are actually loose right out of the dryer :)

I am going to set my alarm to remind me to weigh in tomorrow, my regular weigh in day.

I'm trying to keep up with all your blogs though because you all inspire me and I so appreciate the support you give me.


  1. (((Hugs))) hang in there, life will settle down soon. This time for you is just a little speed bump, but definitely not a road block.

  2. To remind myself to weigh in first thing in the morning, I prop the scale up against the wall in the bathroom where I can't miss it!

  3. Eat well & get your sleep! You got this, mon amie!

  4. I hope that things will get more manageable soon. You are doing just fine! Being sad is normal; feeling better is too. AND YOU LOOK AMAZING! As long as you are following your plan - that's the only thing that matters. I'm cheering for you!