Apr 24, 2011

Day 104 - 114, New Year


Ugh! I spent the last week away from home. Me and non-routine and weight loss = epic fail.

I ate out way too much over the last week and although I did my best to control portion sizes and kinds of foods...it was still way over what I would eat normally.

On the plus side I did go to the gym/pool every day, which is more than I would have done while I was at home.  I did miss my weigh in for the week though so I'll be back to my regular weigh in on Wednesday and hoping I was able to contain the damage, if not.....it's a just a moment in time and next weigh in will be better.

Eating crappy food makes me feel crappy. Yeah, I knew this already...but this week was a slap in the face reminder.

I'm home now and hitting reset.  This week will rock.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Susan at Quantum Scale to do a review and give away. I was told my scale would be received in a few days, I could review it then host my giveaway. To date, my scale hasn't arrived, despite several follow up emails and being told it was sent and that I would receive a tracking number. I'm really disappointed as I was looking forward to doing the giveaway and also having the scale.....I know some of other bloggers got their's without a hitch so that makes me even more disappointed.  If anyone has a contact other than Susan - would you shoot me the contact info? Maybe I can follow up that way.

Happy Easter and Passover.

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  1. Oh Enz, I know exactly how you feel right now, keep on keeping on, you're the best at that