May 18, 2011

Day 138, New Year

I need y'all talk me down off a ledge, or maybe the observation deck of the CN Tower. Especially you Anne (CarbTripper)!!!.

I did a week of the Dukan Diet - very low carb - in fact, low fat with low carb. I ate all my points every day but didn't use any of my extra points, I didn't exercise much, and I did drink a ton of water every day.

I went to weigh in tonight. The receptionist/weigh in woman says "You gained 3lbs this week, do you know what happenened?"  Seriously, I think it took me 10 seconds to find my voice.

I told her it was impossible, she did that sneer, "Well dear, that's what the scale says". Seriously, I was ready to rip the fucking scale off the shelf. I didn't actually look at the display myself. The way it's positioned  makes it hard to see at my height, I need to look over a stack of magazines to see it and I can't while I'm standing on it.

I left and called my friend Shelley and after she listened to me recover from my not-so-mini breakdown, I indulged in retail therapy. I needed a hair straightener for my new cut and I found some really cool belts at Talize.  Then I picked up dinner - and while sitting in the drive-through line in the pouring fucking rain (did I mention it is STILL raining????), I looked at my weigh in card.

Can you see this? What the receptionist wrote down?  Last week I weighed 207.8.  She writes this week's weight as 210.  Then says I gained 3, and my total loss is 28.2.  No way of working that math makes now I'm wondering if 210 is even right because it makes no sense at all, my own scale says I lost 4 lbs and my doctors scale last night showed a loss of 3 lbs.  I know it will all work itself out next week - when I will 1. not go to that receptionist and 2. look at the scale myself. 


  1. That sucks!!! There is some weird math going on...hugs to you Enz!

  2. I feel for you girl! I have had weeks like that. And as frustrating as it is to wait for the next week..., find peace in that the next weigh in will be better. Did you have much salt? did you drink a lot of water that maybe you were retaining? TOM? There are 100 reasons the scale could be undeservingly mean. But..................If your scale says you lost then dont panic(I have totally been there). Hang in there. Next week will be better whether the lady screwed up or not. You are doing awesome!


  3. What the hell?!

    Hang in there though! It could just be your body kicking back or something...I dunno.

    JUST DO NOT QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment today. All I can say is this is blip not the story. My new mantra just one foot in front of the other.

  5. Well.....
    Now that the world didn't end,
    we can get in there and figure out what is going on!
    In a crazy twist of irony, some say you NEED the fat to
    make the diet work! More like Atkins - less like Stillman,
    less like Dukan. It's so counter*intuitive most people won't even
    try. It's like the ledge example. They hold tight!
    But the rules of Science set their own agenda...
    And it works together in a way that we don't understand least not yet!

    You're right - it always works itself out in the end!

    And that receptionist - bless her little soul! Sheesh!