May 26, 2011

Day 139 - 146, New Year

Went and weighed in last night,  I didn't think I'd be able to make my regular weigh in, but I did. While I was waiting to weigh in - and I waited a while longer because I wanted a different receptionist from last week - I opened my WW card - not my little one - the big one they keep. Our leader always pulls them and gives them to us while we're waiting in line. So...I opened it and started running down the list of weigh ins.


I am bad at math, seriously I suck at it. But even I could see there were some major problems between the record and my own card (both filled out by the receptionist at weigh in).  In some places the weights recorded for the same date didn't even match each other. One week my card said I had lost 0.4, yet the record showed a loss of 2.4.

And...all the mistakes were in the same handwriting - the receptionist I saw last week. I pointed it out to my favourite receptionist and my leader last night and they were both surprised and embarassed.  They said I should ask to have the display moved if I can't see it, that I should always see it unless I chose not to.  They said I can check the record any time I like. So..I weighed in and we took yesterday's weight and subtracted it from my starting weight and just ignored the mess in the middle.  I have no idea whether I lost or gained from last week because it was so f-ed up....we're going with I lost 0.8 if I really weighed 210 last week, which we don't know for sure because the record showed 210.6.....yeah go figure.  Anyway my total loss is 26.2 lbs and I'm going to check that scale and the math every week I go from now on!

Just a quick note to those of you that are Facebook friends - I deactivated my account for a bit so please don't think I defriended you!


  1. Glad that you got it figured out ! Congrats on your WL so far, you are doing awesome !!

  2. Glad you caught the math mistakes! 26.2 lost is fabulous!!!

  3. See - that's why I say to never panic! It might be is misprint!
    I missed you on FB, too! Glad to know all is well!
    You are doing great 26++ and counting!

  4. Keep up the downward trend. Definitely watch their math.

  5. That is so annoying that they can't add it up right.

    Hope all is well with you.

  6. I mean four days of food! Sorry for the confusion.