Sep 15, 2011

Day 255, New Year

Just a short post to let you all know that we finished the C25K program  tonight. NIne weeks of 4 workouts (the plan calls for 3 a week but we repeated one workout each week) without missing one. We can consistently run 5k and we can easily run 30 min at a time. Over the last three weeks my pace has gone from more than ten minutes per km to about 8:30/km. My fastest pace per km is 7:19/km but I only maintained it for one kilometer.

Still not sure what the next plan is, but until I figure it out, I'm going to keep running 3-4 times a week and hiking at least once a week.

This Saturday, we're going to do 5k and push ourselves to get our best time yet. Later that day I'm hiking then going to Buffalo to go shopping. All my Winter/Fall clothes are too big and I am rewarding myself with bluetooth stereo headphones for running for completing the C25K program and my Swarovski crystal earrings for losing 50lbs. This weekend is all about me!!!

Will check in after weigh in on Saturday. The scale is not going to bring me down.


  1. Enz, you are simply amazing. I am so proud of you...look at you go! Keep it up and how great is it that you are rewarding yourself!

  2. Love that the scale is not going to bring you never should!!!

    Congratulations on completing the C25K!!! Awesome achievement.

    Enjoy your time shopping and rewarding your fabulous self!

  3. WAY TO GO. Enjoy yourself this weekend....

  4. Awesome - you deserve such great things - and a reward makes it all the better.
    I sure wish it had worked out that I could go to Niagara Falls this year. Every time I iron my scrubs, I think about it - the spray starch!
    Next year for sure - and we'll all be even more "on track" by then!
    Again - congrats!

  5. That's so cool to be forced to shop for new clothes because you're too slim for your old stuff--so wonderful on different levels.

    :-) Mairon