Sep 26, 2011

Day 269, New Year

Hey everyone,

I'm running my first 5K event on November 6 to support kids in Hamilton and in Haiti and would love your support. No pledge is too small to help kids.   - to find about the charities this run supports - to make a pledge




  1. Yes, I saw the wave and waved back :) one of these days I'll stay in Toronto and hopefully get to meet you in real life. You will do a great 5 K!

  2. VERY COOL and youre right.
    no pledge is too tiny...

  3. We will have to meet! I have some tournaments with Paige in the GTA after Christmas... I will let you know and maybe we can get close enough to meet. If not we will set a time and place... :)

    XO... don't count yourself out... I am just as lucky to know you!