Sep 21, 2012

Catch Up Post - Sorta

Just to let you all know I'm still in the land of the living.

Looking for a new job is consuming a lot of my time and energy, both emotional and physical. I am still looking and although there are some prospects on the go, I don't have anything immediately following my last day on September 28. So along with the stress of looking, is the stress of budgeting and hoping that EI processes my claim quickly and accurately and wondering how to cope.

Running is going ok, I am not sure I will be ready to run 10k in October but I will do the race and I know I can at least run 7-8k so I'll see what happens on the day.

This clinic is not working out so well for me, I had a feeling it wouldn't when I started but I wanted to give it a shot. Wednesday practice runs are hard to get to unless I leave work early, which I couldn't do every week and Thursdays would only work if I could get a ride home with someone because it takes over an hour from the Running Room to home after the clinic (I have the same problem for Wednesday but we finish a bit earlier) and Sunday mornings don't work at all because of travel time.

Running on my own is going ok, but getting harder to do with it being dark so early. Unless I go out as soon as I get home, its not happening. This is why I ended up not running all last Winter and I had really wanted to get around that this year but I haven't come up with a solution.

2012 has had some major lows in all aspects of my life that I am still recovering from or trying to work around and I am hoping that with Fall comes a rebirth and new cycle of change for my life.


  1. I wish you lived closer to me. You and I could run together. :(

    Good luck on the job hunt. I've been there. BIG TIME. You'll find something. Keep on lookin'. Reach out to all those you know. You never know who may know someone who may know someone who is hiring. :)

  2. My advice for the 10K (if you want it) is to just keep moving. For me, it was much more a mental game than a physical one...not that it wasn't very physically challenging for was fighting to keep my brain from winning and allowing me to stop. If you need to walk, you will walk but I think you can do it.

    I hope the job hunt goes well!

  3. Hi Enz!! I send you all my love and strength and hope you find a good job soon!

    Have a good week!


  4. I hope you get a job you like soon! That is so stressful! Sounds like you need a nice running buddy who lives next door. It is hard commuting to training. And definitely not a good ideA to run on your own in the dark. Maybe you can find some workout videos you like that you can do at home during winter. Not the same as running though I know!

  5. I am in awe of you. Have just made it through your last few posts and I am so impressed. Despite ear ache, job hunting and ankle turns you’re still out there and DOING IT! So many events, such a great outlook. Those comparsion pics between now and 2007 say so much. Love the idea of a re birth for the new season – I’ll be keeping my peepers on you! xx

  6. I hope you find a job you want and will thrive in very, very soon! I'm with Lou - I am super impressed of your attitude!

  7. Good luck with the job search.

  8. How's the job searcing going?