Dec 28, 2012

I hate when this happens...

So today I ran into an old flame while waiting for my bus downtown.

This man is gorgeous, tall, fit - boyishly handsome still even though he's over 40 and his eyes as blue as they were when he was 15. Anyway, there's him...and then me - no make up, hair in a scrunchie (as in all scrunched up in sort of half bun/half pony tail), jeans two sizes too big and a huge sweater and a wool coat and raggedy scarf, oh and my old lady boots because it's all snow and ice downtown and I have this morbid fear of slipping on the snow and ice.

Really...the picture of attractiveness...not.

So what's the first thing he says?

"Enz, you look great" whilst enfolding me in a hug.

Which immediately makes me realise how absolutely NOT great I currently look.

Now most days, I am dressed professionally for work, hair and makeup are good and clothes fit properly and are nice. Today, because it's Friday and a pseudo holiday - I didn't bother and TODAY of all the days that I am downtown (which is every single day), I run into him.

I've known him since we were teenagers and I know he could care less about how I look most of the time - but really, TODAY????

That's all that's bothering me today and I guess for that,  I am grateful.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you make all your dreams come true. I'm working on mine. Work on yours - not someone else's idea of what your dreams should be.


  1. Happy New Year! I love the last line about working on you own dreams.
    It never fails, when I run out to grab something in my sweats, I usually see someone I know. Murphy's law I guess.

  2. Happy New Year, we are always our own harshest critic and Murphy's Law always wins.

  3. I'd have died inside. I know that's how it works, too. The moment you leave your house not looking like you do almost 100% of the time, you are bound to bump into someone you do NOT want to bump into. Ugh!

    The good news is, though, that HE thought you looked great. :) Right?

  4. Ugly is skin deep. Beauty is to the bone.

    How's that for first timer...?

  5. OH NO! Okay... it's kinda funny how that always works out.

    Happy new year! May it be full of less awkward... and more clothes that are too big! :)

  6. Hahaha i totally can relate to this post! Always the way!! I'm sure you are your biggest critic!