Dec 3, 2012

The book of elliptical.....

Those of you that don't know me in real life, may not know that my favourite hobby is reading. I love to read and I read a lot.

During my weekend getaway in PA, I bought a cheap, no name e-reader to see if I would actually use it. I had resisted for a long time because of the cost and I wasn't sure if I would use it. I love the feel, the heftiness, the smell of books (if you're not a reader, you won't get this and think I'm crazy - don't worry, that's how I feel about people who get high from running) and the way the words look on the page.

I loaded my e-reader with some free books just to test it out and I'm hooked. I love that I can carry a hundred books at a time so if I don't feel like reading a mystery, I can break out a non-fiction or a magazine; I love that it's small and light and today, today I discovered I can read whilst on the elliptical!

This is a major bonus for me because, as all my regular followers should know, I hate exercise!

25 minutes flew by today while I read from my e-reader. The elliptical has a little ledge I can rest it on (the treadmill, sadly, doesn't) and I don't notice the time go by. When I read, I get completely lost in the story and the world could blow up around me and unless my book fell or was set on fire, I would just carry on turning the pages.

Relaxing on the couch, my preference is still a real book, but for the train, the bus, the subway and the elliptical - my e-reader is going to make these things less tedious.

So, yes, I am still going to my little workplace gym about 3 times a week, this week I'm aiming for all 5 days as I'm only getting in about half hour at a time.

I saw my endocrinologist last week and got some great news about my bloodwork so I must be doing something right :)


  1. I too love to read and have been hooked on e-readers for some time now. I love having so many options at my finger tips

  2. I haven't tried an e reader for the exact reasons you mentioned. But the thought of having so many books on hand is pretty awesome!

  3. I LOVE to read!!:) I love "real" books & will continue with those until I cave one of these days. I also love the smell of books. So many little time.:)

  4. I love reading too. Kenny gave me the no frills Kindle for Christmas last year and I was very excited. Until I realized I prefer books, don't tell him. I totally understand what you mean about the feel and smell of a book.

    I like the Kindle because you can get so many books for free and it is nice to know it's there are hundreds of books loaded on to the thing.

    If only I had time to read...

  5. Thats great about the blood work!

    I get it about the book thing:)

    But I get the runners high too lol!