Feb 25, 2013

Nothing to Post Right Now

I was overly optimistic in my last post. There's stuff going on that I am not ready to post in a public blog. Thank you to everyone who's checked up on me - it means a lot and helps to know people care.  You guys are all amazing :) I am reading blogs just not commenting much.

Some of you are like real friends to me, so if you like to keep in touch, please feel free to email me at downwardtrenz@gmail.com and I'll fill you in as best I can.

Take care.


  1. You've never been much of a complainer--deep respect for that. I hope you're hanging in there.

    :-) Marion

  2. HUUUUGE hugs. You're in my thoughts and prayers, kiddo. Hang in there. Life can seem insanely harrowing sometimes, but you'll have another upswing again soon.

    I know it. :)

  3. I could have wrote this exact post, got things happening but they are not for blog world.
    Take care x

  4. I could have TOO wrote this post,(Mick, and Enz)
    but we can talk about everything here.
    (hugs) hope you feel better and lots of love!

  5. Hope you're feeling better! Take care of yourself! Look forward to your updates when you're feeling more up to it!

  6. Hope everything is okay, Enz. I'm looking forward to reading more when you're in the mood to post. :)