Apr 26, 2013

It's been a while...

I didn't realise how long though!

Since my last post, I've run the gamut of tests, drugs and doctors, yet still have no answers for the pain and  fatigue.  I finally decided to stop the medication (Lyrica) when it was not helping the pain but was causing mood swings and weight gain.  I've not been able to exercise much, even short walks  (3k or so) leave me exhausted and pretty much useless for the next day because of the pain. Running isn't even in the realm of possibility right now.  The pain and physical stress is affecting other health issues I have and it's like an endless circle of trying to manage symptoms and side effects.

I did see a chiropractor today and I had some minor relief from the pain immediately after the treatment, but now I feel like a ton of bricks has fallen on me - which he told me to expect due to all the soft tissue work he did.  I'm hoping that regular treatments will give me some relief until the cause can be found.

Right now, I'm just taking one day at a time and trying to get through as best I can.

I am reading all your blogs though I  am not commenting much.

I do have a post about an upcoming show I'm going to that I'm looking forward to writing, probably sometime over the weekend.

On a good note - this weekend we will finally have Spring like weather.


  1. Stay positive you'll get it sorted.

  2. So sad to hear you're in pain, Enz :(
    Drink lots of water (you probably already do) after your chiropractic adjustments - helps flush out the toxins.
    Sending you healing vibes x

  3. I've missed you & I'm always glad when you pop up in comments. So sorry to hear you're not feeling better and that you haven't gotten any explanation as to why! :(

  4. Hi Enz! Ah, I feel bad for you! I wish I could help you somehow, but your doctors know more than I ever could.

    I still believe in you. Just keep doing the best you can. :D

    :-) Marion

  5. Iam sorry about the pain.
    I will be praying for you to get well soon!
    Keep the faith!