Jul 31, 2015

11,041 steps

Did it! I hit over 11,000 steps today.  It will take some time but I will eventually get back up to my 20,000 step days!

On Fridays (for the summer) I finish work at 1. Today I had to deliver some documents so I actually left at 12 and had a short walk from the parking lot to my delivery then back. Then I came home and picked up my son and we went to the beach for a quick lunch and then walked along the beach trail.

I have done this trail many times, and normally do a 10k loop, today we did 2k and it was a struggle. It was very hot, but also - I am so out of fitness now that my legs, feet and back were hurting, of course the extra weight isn't helping either.

I'm going to do 3k tomorrow and aim for a longer walk on Sunday and Monday. I need to work back up to that 10k.

Liam and I also went to see the new Mission Impossible movie, it was violent but I did enjoy it. Tom Cruise is the same character in all his movies I find, but the supporting cast, especially Simon Pegg were brilliant and it was quite well done.

In terms of WW, I am still tracking and doing well.  I used a few more weekly points today but my walking is earning lots of activity points....more than I expected. I don't plan to eat the activity points but I can see that it will be a fun challenge to see how high I can get them.

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time - spent time with my son, the weather was perfect, work day was short and un-stressful......just a lovely Friday!

Here are some photos from our beach walk today.

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