Jul 29, 2015

One step at a time

I rejoined Weight Watchers last night.

I know the plan like the back of my hand and I know what to do to be successful.  Weight Watchers gives me the structure, routine and accountability that I desperately need right now as well as allowing me to follow a low-carb eating style and makes sure that I stop ignoring my growing waist line.

I've regained a lot of weight since we lost Den last August.  

Lots of reasons, lots of excuses.  I'm not sure I want to dissect them in this post and at the end of the day, I can't change losing him and all I can do is take care of myself going forward.

I didn't regain all my weight, so I am not completely starting over.  Last time I was this weight, I was wearing size 22-24 and although my 18s are tight, I can wear them so my body composition has changed from the running, walking and hiking I had been doing for the last 3 years.

There were also some scary health issues since I was last blogging and I am not yet 100% but I am getting better bit by bit. There have also been some wonderful blessings.  I will write a bit about both over the next few weeks.

So here I am.  Back to Weight Watchers, back to blogging, back to my FitBit, back to hiking and back to my life.

I have 30 points a day which seems like a lot from the last time I was doing WW.  Today went well, I used my 30 points plus 1 of my 49 weekly points and earned 3 activity points from my FitBit.  I like how they synch for activity.

We are in the middle of a heat wave so walking is problematic but I am determined to get back up to my 10,000 steps a day and then work my way back up to 20,000 a day....one step at a time!

I'm looking forward to catching up with all your blogs.  I will need your support so I hope I haven't lost all of you.


  1. Well done rejoining WW. I did too, and so far have lost 9.4 kilos.
    I might look into getting a fitbit or something like it.
    As long as you pop over and visit all the blogs you used to read (and who read yours), they should come back... just like I have.

  2. Congratulations on rejoining WW!