Aug 2, 2015

August 2 - Steps, bugs and waterfalls...oh my!

It was a great second day of a three-day long weekend.

I was up early this morning and went with my friend Judy to a new-to-us trail. Unfortunately, it was a bit underwhelming. It was through the bush and full of insects  - the flying, biting kind! There was also not much to look at, except the bush!  We went about 2.5 km in and then turned around and came back to the car.  By then, we both were covered in insect bites on top of insect bites.  It's definitely not a trail I will do again.

From there we went down to the Beach Trail, which is actually my favourite trail but by the time we arrived, it was almost 11 and the sun was hot, hot, hot. The main downside to this trail is that there is no shade at all. Sometimes there is a cool breeze off the water that helps a little, but that was not the case today.  We did another 2.5 km in and then turned around came back.

From there, I went home, had a long hot shower and then napped for about 90 minutes, I was wiped between the walking and the hot sun.  When I awoke, I discovered I had underestimated how much the insects had feasted on me and had to take some benadryl since there was so much swelling and itching.

Then we (myself, my son and his girlfriend) piled into the car and went to see the Great Falls in Waterdown, Ontario. We walked a bit down the trail so I could show them how challenging the hike is.  Then we went for a Tex-Mex dinner in Dundas and then came home. 

It was another perfect summer day.

So by 12:30 today I had already hit over 16,000 steps and I am ending the day with just under 19,000. My goal was 14,000 so of course, I'm thrilled with today :) Tomorrow's goal is 15,000. This is what I love about my FitBit, I always end up with more steps than I think I am capable of!

My steps have steadily increased since I recommitted Tuesday night.

My knees are feeling a little stiff this evening, but nothing an epsom salts bath and some yoga won't fix.


  1. Love all the waterfalls we have here! I got a ton of bites in the Bahamas. After Bite was my best friend.

  2. Wow awesome work! I hate insect bites! Hope they clear up quickly!