Sep 18, 2016

Sunday Funday

Some good news to start the day off!

I had some blood work last week and today was able to look up the results.  My A1C is back under 7. (It says HIGH because 6.0 % or higher is a diagnosis of diabetes, but for someone with diabetes, 6.8% is quite good - not great...but it is good control).

This means that the last three months of being so careful to watch what I eat is working and has paid off. It's an never ending battle and this result is with oral medications. My goal is to get here with just diet and exercise. I did it before and I can do it again. It takes three things: 1. Focus 2. Time and 3. One day at a time.

Today's plans changed when a friend showed up from out of town and we ended up going for lunch....20 points later - well I did bring half home for dinner so that's sorted and my points for the day are still good.  

Restaurant food is always so hard to track and then it's loaded with sodium!  I managed to find more or less what I ate on the WW app so hopefully I've tracked it fairly closely. The good thing is that I eat at home and pack my lunch during the week so I won't need to use any more weekly points, even though I have more than half left with three days of my WW week to go.

I am all set for tomorrow, lunch packed, smoothie ingredients ready to go for breakfast and my Skechers in my bag for a lunch time walk.

The new app gives A LOT of points for fit bit activity. Way too many I think. So far, in 4 days, I've earned 32 activity points just from walking 6,000-7,000 steps a day.  Thankfully, I have no intention of eating those points.  That has always seemed like defeating the purpose to me. Maybe when one is fit and healthy, one can exercise a little more to cover a calorie-laden meal or an ice cream cone, but let's face it, my walks are not burning that many extra calories and I really feel it's one of the misleading things about WW, that they really advocate that you can exercise away a bad food choice.

I took a sneak peek at the scale this morning and hoping all goes well for my first weigh in on Thursday morning.


  1. WEll done on getting the numbers under control. I don't know how they measure them where you are, but here my last number was 62. WAY too high. Supposed to be around 50. I have not gotten used to the new WW's system at all... and find it so frustrating cos they keep changing stuff. I've almost given up AGAIN.

  2. It's so funny that you just commented on my blog, because I'm just now getting caught up after being sick, and I put some serious consideration today to re-joining Weight Watchers. I'm interested now to read your blog and see what you think of it!