Mar 16, 2018

One day at a time

I have five days of tracking and one perfect WW day yesterday with a blue dot.

That is an accomplishment these days.

Now repeat!

And although life is hard - I think it's important to remember these two things because it so much easier to look for excuses than to look within. 

(Stolen from my blogging friend Ann over at CarbTripper.)


  1. That first image made me laugh so hard! This is ME lately, finding excuses under rocks, when the problem is 100% me. I am going to steal that image and save it somewhere I can see it, like on my phone, as a reminder!

  2. You are on a roll..... and a perfect WW day - woo hoo!


  3. Five days of tracking is awesome!!!!! Good job:)

  4. Hope all has gone well since you posted last. How's the tracking going?