Apr 1, 2018

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

For the past two and half weeks I've been diligently tracking. Some days I am over, some days I am under but I am striving for a healthy balance and the "blue dot" range of points on the Weight Watchers plan.

Thanks for checking in with me :) I just didn't feel I had anything to post about while I was trying to get my motivation and determination back.  I can't say it's 100% back. It's work. It feels like work. I wish it could always be effortless and come naturally, but it doesn't and when I stop "working at it", I fall hard.  I have periods (like early last year) where it did seem easier although the work was still required.

It always has to be all consuming for me, if I don't think about what I eat, or plan what I eat, or plan exercise - weight loss doesn't happen.  

I don't know if this is true for everyone. I don't know if there are people who don't have to make every single decision a conscious one to be successful.  

I just know this is how it has to be for me.

Here's a quick rundown of my weights over the last two and a half weeks.

March 7 (Diabetic Clinic)     207
March 8 (at home)             206.5
March 22 (Diabetic Clinic)    205.7 (-1.3)
March 31 (at home)            204.6 (-2.4) 

Total loss:      2.4 lbs  

Even accounting for different scales, it seems I have had a small loss since I started being intentional and tracking again.  With warmer weather, I'll be out walking more so April should be a more successful month.


  1. Great job on all those blue dots! That's a great loss, too. Take a bow :)

  2. GO BLUE! I get how it has to be this all or nothing game... I've been in the "nothing" category for a few months now and you are inspiring me to get my stuff together. Glad you are back. Onward, downward!!!

  3. Go team blue! You are doing a great job. I'm an all or nothing kind of person too.

    I'm so tired of tracking everything and getting nowhere. I've been trying to lose weight for two years and I'm still right where I started. I know I've made good changes and increased my activity. Just no results yet. Some days I want to give up.

  4. I am the same way. If I am not logging and tracking every little then, then I just don't lose weight. It's like I need that strictness or else I stray WAY off track.