Apr 27, 2018

Walk this way

...and that way too!

It's a sure sign of Spring when I am out and about more than I am in!  I am so happy that Spring is finally here.  

I see these pair of swans every year making their nest at the same place and then watch their little ones emerge from the nest and next Spring those little ones are beautiful swans.  The circle of life.  Even the water is starting to look blu-ish.

A friend and I are going to start conquering the Bruce Trail this year. It will take several years to complete.  So far we've done some very short legs to local waterfalls in our City.  Tonight we chose Devil’s Punchbowl. There were a lot of hills, mudslides and fallen trees! This is the along the trail to Devil's Punchbowl and the waterfall itself. 6.6 km of the Bruce Trail and side trails. 

My hiking shoes are broken in now! 


  1. How fun to see the same swans each year.

    Great hike. Thanks for remembering to take photos to share. I do enjoy them!

  2. Walking/hiking outdoors is the best. I should do more of that. The fresh air and scenery are always uplifting.