Jun 1, 2018

End of May

Just a quick note.

My weigh in this morning was 199.8 so no change from mid-May which is a bit disappointing!

Although, my clothes that were tight at the end of April are now loose again and I can definitely see my thighs, butt and waist are smaller. My legs and back feel 'heavy' though and I am not sure if that is related to fibromyalgia or muscle soreness from all the hiking so there is definitely some inflammation there that may be contributing to lack of progress on the scale. Regardless, all I can do is keep going.

We had our AGM at work this week and yesterday was my late husband's birthday so it's been a week of emotional highs and lows and I am tired.  I was supposed to be off work today, but had to come in to finish some reports for a Board meeting last week, well, more accurately help some managers finish their reports!

We do have hikes planned for the weekend so I am looking forward to that.

We hiked about 8 km on Wednesday night and I was eaten alive by mosquitoes despite having applied copious amounts of insect repellant.  My upper arms and across my shoulders are the worst.  Today the itching is driving me mad. I might have to go get some hydrocortisone cream to help.

Every year we do headshots for work and although I was not having a great hair day, it was a good visual to see how far I've come.  There's only 5 lbs difference between 2017 and 2018 so I think the difference is more related to the angle than weight loss.


  1. You look great, Enz. I love the new glasses - very stylish and flattering.
    Hope the bites stop itching soon. I hate, hate, hate mozzies!

  2. Mosquitoes are definitely gross already! I think they are becoming immune to the sprays! My feet are covered with bites so I share your feelings about the little buggers! Your face has totally thinned out and as for the scale - I second your suspicion that all the hiking = inflammation and fluid retention. AND keep up the hiking. Summer is here - great food - better moods - weight loss progresses...

  3. You can definitely see your progress. You've been putting in a lot of steps lately. I love your "Summer of hiking".

  4. Cute pics. What a change from 2015! All that hiking sounds great. I have an injured shoulder right now so I feel/fear the same about inflammation creating scale weight. Just heal, and let's get through. Also got some bug bites here, ugh! The cream does help, I find, go ahead and try it, and I'm off to apply some myself.

  5. I can see the difference in your pictures. Great job!

  6. Sometimes, a maintain is just as important as a loss. And the fact that you’re seeing changes in how your clothes fit tell you that you are doing a great job! I love the difference in your face over the years… It really shows how far you’ve come.

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