Jan 15, 2011

Days 13-15, New Year

Hello all!

Hope you are having a fantabulous weekend.

I had lunch with some great friends and then met another good friend for coffee. Then found out yet another good friend was in the hospital, with suspected pneumonia. Luckily she is in the hospital right next to where I live so I was able to go and see her in Emerg tonight.

I am still doing well with the new WW Points+ Program and tracking.  My blood sugar is amazing and I am feeling pretty good.

I had the flu/cold earlier this week and seemed to be over it, but tonight my throat and ears are hurting again, so I hope it is not coming back. I just started a new job and don't have any sick time yet.

My life seems to be coming into balance the last month or so after months and months of what seemed like constant upheaval and change. 

Onward and downward (on the scale!).

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