Feb 28, 2012

A Good Day Feels Good



Feb 28 – EAYGWC – Day 2

  Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1210
WW Points Plus 26-29 27
Carbs (net) <50 66
Fluids/Water 120 oz 128 oz

A much more typical week day for me. Monday to Friday when I’m working, I tend to have a protein shake for breakfast because I get up so early and my endocrinologist has instilled in me that I should eat something within an hour of getting up.  I just can’t stomach food so early in the morning or so soon after waking, and I don’t want to get up earlier to take time to eat something either. So I make the shake the night before and normally drink it on the way to the train station.  My carbs were a bit high as I had three servings (1/2 cup each) of fruit compared to 0 or 1 for the past few weeks so I need to make sure rising carbs don’t become a habit again, the Thai chili sauce also is high in sugar. The good thing since I started counting carbs though, is that I actually measure out fruit. It is 0 points on WW - that doesn’t mean unlimited, all you can eat – so there was no real difference if I had 1/2  cup of strawberries or a whole cup to my points at the end of the day but the carbs add up quickly so measuring is definitely important for me when it comes to fruit.

Reducing the carbs so drastically has definitely cut down on the “hungries”. I did have an attack of the sugar monster the other night which resulted in eating a box of Junior Mints (they are truly my weakness and after that box I have decided I can’t keep them in the apartment or my desk), but that was mostly related to PMS and I am confident that as time goes by on a low carb diet, even those attacks will diminish. Although they were empty calories (albeit delicious) they did fit into my calorie budget  and because I did stop at the one box of Junior Mints and not use it as an excuse to go into a sugar frenzy – it also didn’t snowball into hours or days of sugar cravings as has happened in the past.

We had a little bit of the roast left from Sunday so I made a hearty soup for the boys with some fresh crusty bread and I had some beef stir fried with  broccoli and red onions used 1 tbsp of Thai chili sauce (really high in sugar, hence the tiny bit) to spice it up a bit. I always said I would never cook two sets of meals, but really when the base of the meals is the same, just prepared differently, it’s not so hard. I’m in the kitchen anyway, I’m already chopping the same vegetables for the soup (I added potatoes and carrots to the soup) – it’s not that hard to throw mine in a skillet and stir fry while the soup simmers.

I’m "downwardtrenz” on My Fitness Pal if anyone wants to be friends.


Fibre 1 Chill Challenge tomorrow night. Although I did register, it starts at 6 p.m. and the train schedules have been whacky because of a rail disaster on my train line so I am not sure I can make it there by 6 p.m. but I’m going to try.  I want the toque to match my running shell and it’s 20 minutes of good exercise – I’ll most likely run and will wear my heart rate monitor and Garmin so I can have a calorie burn reading to put into My Fitness Pal.

Running Room Clinic starts next Friday and I am getting more and more excited about it as the day comes closer. Leigh and I are going to be running rock stars. It will also help me train for the Round the Bay 5k at the end of March.

A look at progress

image image
250 + lbs
New Years 2009
202 lbs
Feb 2012

Other Randomness

Thanks for all your input on the heart rate monitor, BodyMedia, BodyBugg and FitBit. I’m definitely leaning towards a FitBit especially since I found out it syncs with My Fitness Pal.


  1. You look gorgeous in your new picture!

  2. What a difference a photo makes. Don't you notice how we all start to look more attractive as we lose weight ???? :)

  3. Just want to start off by saying you look gorgeous, and I'm glad you're feeling better. Fruit is def. my weakness and I don't restrict it, although when I'm on my second, third, fourth banana of the day I KNOW I shouldn't be eating it. I just like that there is no preperation, it isn't boring its.. Oh wow, are those excuses?! Dang.. Haha :) I'm excited for you in the challenge that Allan is running.. I can say what I want about him but there is no doubt, when you're on his side he is good to you. Heres hoping you win and get an awesome vacation :) . I answered your RX question on my blog (short answer: it means perscribed weight) because I didn't want to fill yours with meaningless crossfit jibber jabber. Hope you're having a good one! xx

  4. You look awesome!
    Fruit triggers cravings in me.....
    Berries are a fresh LC treat without alot of Fructose...
    Might try those, if you like em.

  5. Hi, thanks for coming by my blog. I sent you a friend request on My Fitness Pal.

  6. That is really great progress Enz. And you can really see it too.

    I love that sweet Thai chili sauce. Nice thing about it is you don't really need a whole lot to get the yumminess :)

    Can't wait to hear about the RR course. I'm excited for you.

  7. Excellent progress and I bet you will be entering onederland soon!

    I count net carbs and fatsecret.com calculates it that way for me!

  8. I heard WW is giving fruit zero points now and I just don't get that! It is really surprising considering a lot of fruit does trigger cravings and has carbs! Wow I saw your progress and you'ved done great. And you're running. That is awesome!!!

  9. Wow, the difference is amazing!! Well done! I find it hard to force myself to eat breakfast, because I just don't feel hungry until later in the day. I have noticed that since adding in either porridge or eggs before work, keeps me completely full and not thinking about food till lunch, so it definitely helps with cravings.

    I don't understand why weight watchers have made fruit unlimited...vegetables yes, but fruit can be so high in sugar sometimes, it's not always the healthiest option.

  10. You do look wonderful!! So happy for you and the great progress you've seen, because you've worked hard for it.

    I love the title of this post and I think I've used something similar when I was doing good!