Feb 6, 2012

Monday Mash

072 Eye Update 
Thankfully my baby blues are well on the road to recovery, not 100% there yet but getting closer. The opthomologist took out the contact lens bandage and although I did feel some slight irritation, it wasn’t painful and every day it should get better. I am going to miss my contacts for the next month or so. I hate glasses!
image Cross Fit Workout
My trial class was  Kettlebell class. Well.. that was a story. I thought it was tonight but turns out its next week. Now after driving to a scary (to me) part of Hamilton in the dark to an area I’ve never been to, you would think I would have just gone in and asked if I could do today instead since I was there. I didn’t.
1. I am really not good at asking for stuff like that when I committed to a different day.
2. I admit it did look a bit scary and intimidating inside.
3. My eye was hurting me on the way there from the lights and when I realised the mix up, I thought maybe it was for the best anyway.
image Food
I am changing up my routine this week. Will tell you all about it (success or epic fail) on the weekend when I do my Spring Chick weekly check in.
image Random Otherness
I could really get used to not working. Although I wasn’t really well the last few days, not working was really nice and because it was unplanned, it was really, really nice to just go with the flow of the day and have no plans.  I need to win the lottery or find a sugar daddy so I can keep living the lifestyle I’d like to become accustomed to.
image Health
I am feeling very much better. I think we’ve licked the breathing issues, I’m sleeping better, have way more energy than I did a month ago and feel so much less stressed.

image Blessed
I am reminded again this week how very lucky I am to have amazing people in my life who love me, take care of me, encourage and support me, teach me and make me smile.
image Here’s to a great week ahead for all of us!
Now my eye really is hurting so I am going to take T3 and go to bed because tomorrow is back to work.


  1. Awe I love how you formatted this post + I think you have absolutely striking eyes! LOLed at the sugar daddy comment hahaha. Glad to hear you're doing better on the eye front, ugh, what a thing to have to deal with! As for the kettlebell class.. Well.. That whole situation just sucks, and I have to say I would have probably done the exact same thing so don't be too hard on yourself. We're a weird society, we're either way too polite or way too rude, no middle ground. I think its waay better to be on the polite side! xx


  2. Sorry to blow up your comments section
    @ your comment:
    Its all about doing what you're comfortable with! Honestly, I found the crossfit box really intimidating the first time I stopped by too. The thing about crossfit is, as long as you have a good trainer (which it sounds like they do since they have an intro class) every workout will be scaled to your ability. Today, at my WOD, I was working next to a 65 year old woman who hasn't exercised in year. She scaled her movements, number of reps, and weight. When the trainer saw she was still struggling, she came over and lowered the weight on her bar for her. Crossfit isn't so much a sport as it is team exercise. You're competing with no one but yourself. But, if its a place where you are certain you will not be comfortable (esp. if its located in a bad area) then sticking to what you enjoy doing and are comfortable with is the best option. If you're still going to do the intro kettlebell class I think that would be a great indicator of wether you'll like it or not! Either way, you're still rocking your fitness + weight loss! xxxxx

  3. holy crow last one I swear....
    I got an email so if you had any questions or anything at all you can send em my way! Or just tell me whats up cuz thatd be cool too :)

  4. Good post Enz:) Have a good first day back tomorrow!

  5. Love this colourful post! So happy your eye continues to improve.

    It wasn't meant for you to be swinging those bells tonight...something to look forward to next week.

    I am excited about your new food plan and look forward to reading more about it.

    I love not working too...I took February 29th off, then decided to take March 1st off too since I am off on March 2nd...so that will mean five days off in a row...whhhheeeee!!!

    Very funny about changing my name! :D I will hang on to it as a reminder!

  6. Enz....its not a bad area :P Its the west end...5 min from Mac...its right by Chedoke Radial Trail where we went for that walk in the fall. (just so you know :)) And I agree great post!

    1. But that was daytime!!! It looked a bit sketchy to me and how come there are no streetlights along Charlton???? When I left and took Main St I realized where I was. Hamilton is too confusing for this Toronto girl!

  7. Bless your sweet eye.
    And Kettle Bells!
    You are the bomb dot com!
    GO GO GO GO!

  8. I also loved the format of this post! :D Sorry your eye is hurting!