May 25, 2012

And the world keeps spinning....

Same old, same old in my corner of the world.  Right now my focus is on maintaining. Life is a bit crazy on many fronts  and I can’t deal with the added pressure of weight loss right now. I am still running 3-4 times a week, walking almost every day and yoga practice once a week. Although I am not “counting” what I eat, I am mindful and have not gone into free for all mode.
I am planning to take a Weights for Women (hand weights, resistance bands) class starting in July with Hamilton Parks and Rec. It’s just 9 weeks over the summer and will replace my yoga class until new classes start in the Fall, and hopefully teach me some basics that I can continue on my own.
My weight has been holding steady within 1.5 lbs either side of my lowest 196.5 and fluctuates on a daily basis depending on hydration, exercise, sodium, phase of the moon, colour of  my toenail polish….I can’t find the rhyme or reason or logic to it.
I am doing a 5k race tomorrow, Run For Wells, with my Running Room Crew girls and although I don’t feel ready to run a 5k race, I know I can run 5k so I’m focusing on just enjoying the scenery and the company and whatever my time is, it  is just a point in time right now. When I start to think about the slowness of my pace and if I compare myself to others – it brings my mood even further down and discourage me and that is the last thing I need in my life right now.  I’ll update my Events page at some point over the weekend.
Like my weight loss, my running progress has stalled and it may be partly a physical capability of needing to drop more weight before seeing a major improvement in pace and some of it is definitely mental because I am so focused on so many other things going on that I know when I’m running, my mind is not on the run but sorting through so many other issues.
I am enjoying the lovely weather we’re having and am trying to get outside as much as possible. Hiking is definitely on my agenda for the weekends all summer.  


  1. It's a chicken-and-egg thing, isn't it. Little extra weight makes it more difficult to run, which keeps you from shedding weight. I'm running into the same problem over here.

    Way to stay active; good luck getting over that hump!

  2. Good luck with your 5k tomorrow and enjoy the long weekend! I've been struggling lately too since I've been slightly more anxious than normal. Hoping to stay accountable and focused until I need to leave for Asia!

  3. Good luck with your 5k!

    That women's weights class sounds like a great way to integrate strength training into your routine. I FREAKING LOVE my resistance bands.

    And that 1.5lb fluctuation... I get that. Find a good toenail color and stick to it. ;) I'm glad you're not beating yourself up about it.

  4. Good Luck in your 5K! I am impressed. I could never do it. Keep it up!

  5. Good luck on your 5k, Enz! xx

  6. You will do awesome tomorrow:) Don't forget, I'm picking you up at the am!

  7. Good luck with the 5K Enz! Happy hiking...I can't wait to hike some more...but I really wished trails came with bathrooms...I always have to stop before I want to!

  8. Sometimes weight loss can't be the centre of attention. Who knew?! You're doing great in my eyes. Maintaining, exercising, running...... You've got the right attitude about that race too. Enjoy the company and the scenery and focus on the fact that you can in fact run a 5k. That's huge!