May 9, 2012

Thinking Out Loud

Is a crappy run better than no run at all?

When I know I can’t give a run 100% because I’m tired, either physically or mentally, or my body hurts, or I don’t feel well – does it count to just do it anyway?  Is any exercise better than no exercise? Is it ever better to  just go to bed early and give it a miss or do something that nurtures the soul (for me, reading or quiet meditation or spending some time just talking to my kids) instead of pushing the body?

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed by the demands of my life. Demands that I put on myself, mostly. Lately I have been feeling like I’m not doing anything well. I can’t keep up with running, I can’t keep up with housework and laundry and groceries and cooking, I can’t keep up with spending time with my friends and family, I hardly ever spend time with my boys outside of an hour or two in the evening (and not even every evening) and no matter what I decide to make a priority that day, it means something is falling lower on the list.

Getting healthy requires a lot of “me” time and lately, I feel like there isn’t enough me to go around, let alone finding time. And this is reflected in my progress lately – pretty much none. I’m holding my own but not doing anything well enough to make a difference. I’m not giving up, but I’m not gaining ground, or losing weight either.

Just thinking out loud. Feel free to chime in.

I know some of you have asked me about the Starbucks Hazel 5K – I will probably do a post at the weekend. I’m still digesting the experience.


  1. Crappy run IS better than no run at all... Just finished my crappy run earlier. I feel kinda lame, but I got out there... I'm just gonna have to repeat this week until it gets easier.

    Balancing everything is so difficult. I empathize with you so much right now.

  2. Balance is hard and I have so much respect for moms because I know the burden normally falls on them to be super moms and when they fall a little short (mostly from their own eyes) they are super hard on themselves.

    I am sure your family thinks you do a fantastic job! You should make time for yourself though and not feel guilty about it! Sanity is important.

  3. Everybody has crappy runs, even elite athletes! They're part of the process. You work through the tough ones and feel stronger for surviving them, and then you bring that energy to the next run!

  4. Geez Enz...I feel like you sometimes. I think about healthy and think what a "big" job to even think about making something new in the kitchen. I like to be on auto speed. Make what I know without thinking about it. Now I'm thinking about recipes and have to look and check and then realize I should have starting cooking an hour ago, and then I wonder why I am bothering to make it harder for myself.

    Like you I've been not really putting a 100% effort into exercise and eating and all that goes with that part..and like you, my housework is rather neglected and I look at what needs to be done and I don't bother because it's all too much, so I jump on the computer instead...der. I've got no advice...just plug away. Decided what is most important and do that first...your boys first...and then the rest in order of priority and importance.

  5. I think anything is better than nothing. You're an amazing woman, give yourself some tiny breaks if you need them! Take care of you! xo

  6. I think taking time to rest and catch up can be just as good for your health as working out. As long as you don't let fitness and eating both fall by the wayside, I don't see anything wrong with taking a bit a time away from exercise to look after yourself...mental health is an important part of the picture too. Hugs Enz!

  7. I definitely think exercise is better than nothing. Even if I'm not feeling it I try to make myself go and not once have I felt worse after or regretted going.

  8. Yes, just go through the motions of fitness, even if your heart's not in it. Most of the time, it will change your mind while you're working out.

    :-) Marion

  9. I think that a poor workout is far better than no workout at all. I really do!

    For me it's about keeping up the momentum too!

  10. YES, any exercise is better than no exercise.
    The only workout you'll ever regret is the one you skip.
    And, no matter how bad/slow you're running, you're still lapping everyone on the couch.


  11. Its an interesting question. I think that sometimes no run is better if you need something else more. As long as dropping the run doesn't lead to dropping it for the week then the month then the next thing you know it's two years later and you're back to c25k. Cuz that's what I did and it doesn't feel very good!

    You have good instincts. You should follow them.