Sep 17, 2013

No news

Halfway through September and I am doing well with my step challenge (450,000 steps for September). By September15, I should have had 225,000 steps and I actually have 240,376 so I’m about one day ahead of my schedule. I’m good with that. Most days I do a bit more than the 15,000/day  I need to meet the challenge and I’ve had two days where I fell a little short due to not feeling well and just being exhausted in general.



Speaking of that, in general I am feeling well. I still have days when I am tired and need more sleep or rest, but there hasn’t been another flare-up since the last one in August.  I am keeping busy with work, walking, reading and the never ending housework and laundry. It feels like that’s all I can fit into my life right now.

I did another 5k walk last weekend, the Bang and Olufsen (B&O) 5k and had so much fun, as usual. I also did 45 second jogs 4 times during the race and I felt ok. It wasn’t my lungs or breathing that was the problem but the heaviness in my legs, but hopefully if I keep at it, I’ll be able to jog for longer and longer.  Because of the little bouts of jogging, I had a really good time (for mostly walking) 50:51. There are some pics up at my events page.

This coming Saturday – September 21, I am doing another 5k walk  along the same route that I did the Toronto Women’s 5k a few weeks ago so it will be interesting to see if I can beat my time of 52:54.

There’s really not much going on in my life and I’m sorry this post is a little boring…but sometimes NO news is GOOD news!


  1. Your times for the 5k's is really good!
    I'm only walking about 4k's an hour at the moment, with NO JOGGING. Sheesh I will never jog!

  2. I also think your 5K time is good! Can't imagine ever jogging one, but who knows. The important thing is being active right?

    And thank you so much for welcoming me back into blogging, made me feel so much better :D

  3. I agree your 5k time is great! I think it is awesome you are keeping so active! Great work with the step challenge. I know of a few people doing it and have seen great health benefits!

  4. This particular 'no news' sounds like great news - no flare-up since August has got to be a positive. Great going with the 5Ks too :-)