Jul 28, 2016

Day in my life

Today is one of those days, from when I woke up - nothing has gone right.  Woke up late, couldn't find my phone or keys, couldn't make my protein shake this morning because my son (and his friends) left my kitchen an absolute mess and I didn't have time to clean it up to make room to use the sink and counter because...yeah I woke up late.

Grabbed some high protein cereal and some milk and rushed out the door thinking I'd eat that when I got to work. The milk leaked all over the seat of my car so now it smells like sour milk on this 35 C day. Awesome.

Realise I left without my wallet so I'm counting change at McD's drive thru to get a Coke Zero and coffee (when I really want a bacon muffin with extra cheese) and a hashbrown.

So...for breakfast I had a coffee, Coke Zero and a handful of almonds. Go me.

For lunch (which may end up being a morning snack if I get hungry) I have an apple with almond butter and an egg.

Hopefully I am working til 3:30 and should be home by 5. Hopefully my kitchen will be righted by then (else all hell will break loose) and I can make something healthy and delicious for dinner.

Did I mention its 35 C?  I am working off site today and in office in a town house and it is very hot even with the portable A/C going full tilt.

I have contractors, painters and cleaners to deal with.

Give me strength. On the good side, there is no junk food here and the closest place is a 10 min drive which I don't have time to make as I am supposed to be here with the office open all day.

Wish me luck.

Today can only get better.

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