Jul 27, 2016

Here we go again

It has been really hard since Den died to pull myself together.

It was only when I went to an endocrinologist appointment and saw the cumulative effect on my health that almost two years of crappy eating and no exercise has done to me (through bloodwork) that I realised how crappy I had been feeling, emotionally and physically for so very long.

It has only been just over a month but I am down over 10 lbs and my fasting blood sugar is below 7 most days.  I am tracking my blood sugar very carefully and watching to see which foods send it high - of course - sugar and wheat! Which I have known all along.

I wanted to do a Whole30 but honestly, didn't want to set myself up for failure, so I am waking up each morning with intentions to not eat sugar/wheat/grains all day and so far, with only 2 days of non-success it is working. With a fresh start each day, I can see the differences.  I am already sleeping better and waking up refreshed rather than exhausted and achey. I am already finding that I am not craving sugar mid-afternoon and am able to eat three meals a day and only an occasional snack (apple and almond butter) in the afternoons.

One day at a time has always been my mantra and it is only when I get away from that, that I completely lose the plot.

I have one child out of the house now, one who is pretty much independent, a great job, a paid for car, no debt - this is the time to take care of me.  My life has never, ever been easier and as stress-free as it is now.  So...I need to do this.

Stay tuned.

Weight: 228.8

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