Jul 30, 2016

Off to Market

I had a lovely lie-in this morning after my extra early mornings and late evenings for the past week. I woke to the rain slamming against my window and just lay there listening to the rain and the wind for half an hour before I got up

I am just waiting for Liam to finish his "breakfast" and then we are going to the Market Outlet to pick up vegetables, fruits and eggs and then to the grocery store. I like this market, not just because the produce is local this time of year, but because it is so much less expensive and better quality than the grocery store. Then we will go to the grocery store and get the rest of the stuff.  

We're planning on going to see the Star Trek movie this afternoon and then I will prep and meal plan for the week.  Nice, easy, day.

It occurred to me as I was making my shake this morning that one of the reasons I like eating this way is because I don't have to measure and weigh my food. If I stick to whole foods and cut out the wheat and sugar, it's very hard to overeat carrots and strawberries.  Yes, I know its possible, but these are not the type of foods that "I can't stop" or "I'll have just one more" with.  As well, with the sugar and wheat gone, there are no wild blood sugar swings and cravings and I have actually over the last week, a few times.......wait for it.....forgotten to eat!

It does take some planning. For example, last night I thought I would be ok until around 9 when Liam got home from work to have dinner, but by 7 I found myself wanting "something".  Sure enough my blood sugar was low and the easy fix is something sweet or bready. But I made myself a small snack of walnuts, goat cheese and a drizzle of honey and it was enough to see me through til dinner.  I wanted to have a handful of crackers or chips or cookies, but I stopped and thought first.

I'll check back in later!

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