Jul 6, 2017

Weigh In Week 42

Today was my first weigh in at the meeting centre so totally different scale (definitely more accurate!) and fully dressed (in my lightest possible clothes!). It is a mind-f*ck to see a higher number than I am used to seeing but it's all relative. The difference from start to finish would be the same if I started on this scale.  After this week it won't matter. I am planning to attend meetings on a week night but weigh in on Friday mornings when the centre opens at 7:30 a.m.  I prefer a morning weigh in and I often have meetings on Thursday nights where we have dinner catered.  This will help me be more mindful of portions and of the sodium content if I know I am weighing in the next day. Wish me luck! 

I was really faltering for a few weeks. There was a 50% off promo for 6 months so it made sense to sign up now.  The fee per month is about what I would spend on eating out twice a month (which I rarely do anymore) and this will get me through my hardest parts of the year - Summer/Fall (Thanksgiving and my birthday) and Christmas.  My pass expires January 4, 2018 at which time I hope to have decided on a goal weight.  I also suspended my YMCA membership until November because I would much rather be hiking and walking outside for the short time we have such nice weather.  Cancelling the Y offsets the cost of my WW membership for 6 months so no change to my budget! 

My sister is renting a condo with a pool and gym and so I can also use that if I find I am missing the treadmill or stairmill - as if! 

Onward and downward :)


  1. Not a bad weigh in. I think a support group would be nice. But I can't sign up for anything like that right now. I just count my online friends as my "group".

    I hope this is just what you need to get you through the second half of the year. Sounds like you have a good back up plan.

  2. I hope you like going to the meetings! I've heard some great success stories from people who attend them regularly.

  3. When I went to Weight Watchers, I weighed in, but I used my weigh-in at home as my "official" weigh in for consistency. I weigh in at home first thing in the morning, no clothes (too much information yet? Ha ha), and since obviously I couldn't do that at WW, I didn't want to screw with my head when I saw their numbers after eating, drinking, wearing clothes, etc.