Jul 17, 2017

Weigh In Week 44

I am really enjoying the Monday night WW meetings and the leader, Jeff. This past week I asked for all my 'bling' to date and they gave it to me.  Next will be my 50 lbs charm (I hope!).

 I'm fitting into 14s in a regular store now and even can squeeze into 12s (for pants) and Ls for shirts so my arms, although ugly and bat-wingy are shrinking! I'm liking the idea of a weekly progress photo in different clothes so you will have to forgive (or get over!) my vanity!  I was lucky to be gifted a lot of clothes through a clothing swap and my youngest son works at a thrift shop where he gets 50% of the "regular" prices so I can easily pick up things for $2-5 a piece.  I also shopped some great sales in Buffalo a few weeks ago.

 I haven't been under a size 14 since my early 20's so I'm not sure how long I'll be in this stage or if there will be a next stage or what it would even look like if there is. I've been walking every day and started an arm work out with 5lb weights, as well as plank and push ups and a kettlebell work out based on the classes I had taken. I am sure my form is not perfect but I haven't hurt myself and I figure moving is a good thing.  I am also going up and down the stairs when I have to show condo units at work, sometimes up to 20 flights.

 My motivation has returned since it's mysterious hiatus in June and I feel back in the groove and ready to tackle the world. Usually "life happening" as it has in the last few weeks would derail me and I would start the slow regain.

This time I have committed to myself that I am not regaining these same 50 lbs.  One day at a time.

Constant vigilance and never losing sight of what's important.

It really does work.


  1. Just terrific Enz! I am so happy for you!

  2. I love the progress photos. And I'm super proud of you! Look at all that bling!

  3. I am feeling very shaky today, so reading this post was great. You're right, constant vigilance and not losing sight of what's important is crucial. You are doing so great!