Aug 3, 2017

 Weigh In Week 46

I weighed in a day early because I am away for a few days to meet my new nephew! 

This week I really wanted to get back to my 1 lb/week average. Last week I was sitting slightly below it at 0.99/lbs per week.  June and July were pretty much a bust and I felt like I was treading water.

I remember, years ago, complaining about how slowly I lost weight and my endocrinologist saying "In one year, 1 lb a week is 52 lbs".

So..that's kind of an unofficial goal I have in my head now for reaching my 1st year milestone on WW which will be my September 15th weigh in. This is the longest I have stuck with WW (or any plan) since I did WW the first time back in 1995.  That translates to 7 weeks to lose 5.1 lbs.  Let's see what happens!  

I had to miss my Monday night meeting because of work this week and this coming Monday is a holiday and the WW centre will be closed so I've been experimenting with other meetings and leaders this week, but I am a creature of habit and really like the Monday night leader (he only does that one meeting). I know that going to the meeting really helps me stay focused, even though I weigh in on Friday or Saturday morning. If I weigh in on Saturday morning then I do stay for that meeting as well but it tends to be overly crowded and a few people dominate the meeting which is not really all that interesting!

I had a lovely day on Sunday at the zoo with my nephew (pictured below) and my sons and got in almost 15,000 steps in just 4 hours!  It was very hot though and even with a hat and 60 SPF I still ended up with a sunburn.

I appreciate all your kind comments as I go through this craziness!

 I never tire of this walk or the view! I am blessed it's practically on my doorstep. 



  1. Miss your smiling face! I hope all is well with you <3

  2. Great weigh in! I don't think I've ever had 15,000 steps in one day. Good job!

  3. Great weigh in. And good job adapting to things that come up.

    Sounds like you have a good plan for the next few weeks. And I know you can do it!

    Beautiful photos! And so much fun spending time with the little guy.

  4. You're so close to 50 pounds down! Your goal for your WW anniversary sounds realistic. Have fun with your new nephew!