Jul 19, 2018

End of June and Mid-July Check in (somewhat late)

I've been busy - but also struggling. My weight is hovering from 198-203 pretty consistently and not dropping.  I am not as diligent with tracking as I used to be although my activity is much more consistent and more intense than this time last year......you can't outrun (or hike!) your fork!

I've been distracted with house buying, getting kid ready for college, said kid having a major concussion, new projects at work and a bunch of other stuff.

Focusing on everything except the most important thing - ME and my health.

Not sure when/if/how to turn it around.

Yesterday was the first good day I had in weeks in terms of eating.

Now repeat.


  1. HI! Sounds like we're in the same summer struggle! Although I could use a bit of your hiking stamina right now!!! Thankfully the 18 year old has been at camp all summer so I only have to deal with phone calls... I did make my first "official" college payment... ouch and so it begins; we'll be in it through 2024!

  2. Me too! Sometimes this is so hard....

  3. Hang in there. Take it one day at a time.

  4. Yeah, stress keeps blood sugar high and I've heard can keep insulin high - which will prevent weight loss. With all this physical activity, it's a good time to be sure you're eating enough, so - not such a bad thing to not be cutting back while also working so hard. Maintaining for a bit is A-OK in my book! You'll get back on top of diet when things settle down a bit. Good luck with the house buying! That is a big stress. Be kind and gentle with yourself during a stressful time.

  5. Getting that first good day is an awesome first step! One day at a time is the only way I have found to deal with it and not get overwhelmed.

  6. I love the expression ‘you can’t outrun your fork’! So true!

    Pat yourself on the back for consistency in maintaining your weight. Remember to look at that as a victory. Yeah, you may want to see the weight drop, but a maintain is soooooo much better than a gain!!!!

  7. Hi Enz, Yep, stress certainly doesn't help me either.
    However,you are still sticking with it and hovering around a small range. That's definitely something to celebrate as your weight isn't on the upward path.
    Hold on to the positive stuff and try to believe that this is just a temporary phase.
    I am trying to do the same.