Jul 3, 2011

Day 177 - 184, New Year

It's been a whirlwind two weeks - my oldest son turned 17 and my youngest  graduated from grade 8 and will be in High School in September...honestly, some days it feels like I was just 17...where do the years go?

I weighed 204.4 at my last weigh in and this reminded me that the last time I weighed this low, Liam (my now 14 yr old) was 2 years old.

It's been a long, uphill road to go downhill in weight.

The long weekend was nice, relaxing, family time and no stress.   I managed to eat really well all week up until today, but am hoping it will balance out with the rest of the week.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post (the photos) it made me smile to read each of your comments and brightened my day. It validates for me that the most important thing about this journey is persistence. I know I can't be perfect forever, but I know I can always keep going and I hope that that is what will get me to goal and keep me there.

Have any of you ever broken your toe?  The middle toe on my right foot is swollen and bruised and very sore and hurts if I put weight on my foot a certain way - running is excruciating, going up and down stairs is extremely painful. At first I thought I broke it when I stubbed it against a cart a week or so ago, but then a few days later it seemed a lot better, then yesterday it got worse again. I don't think there's anything that can be done for a broken toe except let it heal, right? Maybe tape it to the next toe to stabilize it? But it's really swollen right now so I don't even think that would be a good idea. If it's not noticeably improved by tomorrow I'll try and go by a walk in clinic just to get it checked out...but I really don't think there's any treatment. Has this happened to any of you?

I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day and Happy 4th Of July to my American friends.

Den, Iain, Liam & Enz - Liam's Grade 8 Grad.


  1. That definitely sounds like a broken toe, unfortunately you're right, not a lot that you can do but try to stay off it as much as you can.

  2. Tape that bad boi up !
    And take it easy for a wee little bit!
    You are rocking it, Enz - awesomely!

  3. I love that you never give up! And, your family is lovely.

  4. Yeah - I've had 2 broken toes over the years. They hurt like hell but you pretty much have to let them heal on their own. Sometimes stabilizing them by taping to the medial toe (closer to the the big one) next to it can help with comfort. Also ice - even after the first 24 hrs it helps.

    You have such a nice family! And just wait - my youngest graduated from college this past May and it seems like yesterday that we were laughing at his toddler-isms!

    You're doing incredibly well with weight loss and continue to inspire me. Thanks!

  5. It must feel amazing to reach that weight and know that your hard work is paying off! keep it up! I love following your weight loss journey! Sorry about your toe! I haven't ever broken one but I know a stubbed one hurts pretty bad so I can imagine!

  6. Can you PLEASE!!!! give me that yogurt recipe??? It sounds great!!!!


  7. I had a broken toe once and there was nothing they could do for it. I taped it to my other toe though and that seem to help. I love the picture.