Jul 17, 2011

Day 198, New Year

Sunday has always been the first day of the week in my mind. So it's the perfect day to prep for the week ahead. That's what I did last Sunday and it resulted in a perfect-eating week and a not-obsessing-about-food-all-the-time week which made a pleasant change.  It was easy to just grab and go each morning and not think about food again until supper time.  This week, I'm doing that again.

Breakfasts are super easy, 1 cup 1% milk and 1 pkg NSA Instant Carnation Breakfast. I mix it up the night before and then just shake it in the morning when I'm ready to drink it.

Last week's lunches were my cereal/yogurt mix, this week it's falafels in a pita. 4 falafel balls, 1/2 whole wheat pita, chopped onions and tomatoes and 1 tbsp of PC Blue Menu Tzatziki Dip.

Snacks will be apples again. Royal Gala are my favourite.  Aren't apples the most perfect snack food? They're portable, they last a long time, they are crispy and sweet, about 80 calories each and high fibre, low sugar.

And I'm good to go. The week is going to be a breeze for staying on plan. The nice thing about this is that I know how many points I'll use all day and there are plenty left over for dinner so I can have just about anything and make it fit, as well I'll have my 49 weekly points.

On the exercise front, some of you may remember I started C25K back in April, I got as far as Week 3 (I did it twice), then my self discipline fell by the wayside. Good news! A friend of mine wants to start it and he lives just a few blocks from me so it will work out well for scheduling. The other good thing is that he is very, very competitive and stubborn and he won't want to back down or skip a run, so this will keep me motivated as well because I won't want to be the one that lets us down either. Tonight's our first run! We're starting back at Week 1. He is also out of shape and wants to lose weight so he has lots of motivation to be active.

Wishing you all a great week :)

Update: Week 1, Day 1.


  1. Be sure and hydrate before, during and after running! It is hot out there!

    Great job on being organized for next week!

  2. Enz... do you make your own falafel balls? That sounds fantastic! I love falafel.

    Have fun out there tonight... drink lots of water and smile lots... it really helps with the people that think you are insane for running :)

    And maybe you can find a nice gentleman to spray you with a hose also!

    Thanks for the comments ♥ I am glad to be back!

  3. Where do you get falafel balls and gala is my favourite apple too. Love your plan for the week.

  4. The other day, I was at CrossFit.
    I was thinking about Ranch Dressing.
    I got up and looked around.
    Everyone else was thinking about CrossFit.
    Or so it seemed.
    Glad you had a great week - and congrats on the loss!
    Here's to a great week, Enz!