Jul 31, 2011

Day 205-207, New Year

So here’s my proper post about Onederland and reaching 50 lbs lost (50.1 to be exact….)
I went into the weigh in Saturday morning feeling “fat”, you know when you have those mornings? You wake up and your skin feels tight, your stomach looks bigger than usual and you are sure you must have eaten an elephant in your sleep? That’s how I felt. 
When I went up to the scale, the receptionist who is also my regular meeting leader, asked how my week was and I said, “Ok” and she said, “Just ok?” I nodded. Then she said, “Your OK is better than most people’s good – you lost 3.5 lbs!”  I did the mental math and just about screamed! I said, “So that’s 199.9?” and she nodded and smiled.  Then I told her it was also 50 lbs since my on line start date and you know what she did? She scratched out my start as 235.4 and put 250 and updated my loss from 35.5 to 50.1 and said I should stay for the meeting and celebrate and get my 50 lb charm…so I did. It was really an amazing moment.
I really didn’t think it would be this week, I thought by the end of August I would be in Onederland. It was totally unexpected. I had planned that I would ask them to take a picture of the scale read out for me, but in my surprise this morning I completely forgot.
Here’s my key ring.

  And here is me in size 22 pants now.


  1. Congratulations!!! Two big milestones in one weigh-in - you should be super proud!

  2. Wonderful wonderful news!
    All that hard sweaty work is paying off!

  3. Oh Enz, I know I already commented on your last post about Onederland, but it's great to rad the details here. I just read this this morning, and it makes me feel more motivated than I have in a while to get on track again. Thank you for your positivity! Have you been going to Weight Watchers?

    I also wanted to tell you that a BYO is "bring your own" whatever - beer, wine. In PA restaurants have to pay a ton to get and maintain a liquor license, and that is reflected in higher menu prices.

    Look forward to reading more of your amazing success! :)

  4. Excellent... so nice that the leader changed your start weight!

    And um... holy moly - look at the pants on you now!!

  5. Enz, that is truly amazing!!!!!!!! Congratulations! I hope to join you very soon :-) (again)

  6. I just discovered your blog and I am so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!! That is incredible! You thought you would be in onderland at the end of August! And here you are way ahead of schedule!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  7. I am so behind on posts! This is amazing! Way to go! You inspire me so much!! I am so proud of you! It must feel amazing!!