Jul 10, 2011

Day 185 - 191, New Year

Just checking in.

Since my last weigh in, I've had a lot of take out food and eating out and not much exercise. Life happens sometimes. This ended up with a 1.1 lb gain...and I'm ok with it. I did my best to control portions and make the best choices I could with what was on offer. Sometimes, it just works out that way.  It'll be gone soon enough.

The last few days I've been back on track, I went to the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit on Friday and walked around for 2 hours, I prepped and packed all my lunches for next week and have my breakfasts ready to grab and go. Snacks will be apples. It will be a good week.

Some of you know my husband and I separated last year after 22 years of marriage.  This past Friday night is the first time I've felt lonely. My boys were away, I was at the Art Exhibit waiting for my friends to join me and I just sat at the fountain at Nathan Philips Square people watching.  So many couples, of all ages and description, holding hands and laughing and talking.   Parents with small children on their shoulders or in their arms. All of a sudden I felt really sad. My boys are growing up and there isn't anyone to hold hands with.  It made me think about what I want for the rest of my life.

Don't worry, I'm not brooding and a good nights sleep and I was pretty much over it :)  But it was an interesting introspection.


  1. Glad a good nights sleep allowed you to kick the lonely bug away :) It bites all of us at one point or another and I find the way we feel about ourselves more or less can dictate the way we handle the situation -- and you handled it nicely!

  2. You have a wonderfully mature attitude about losing weight and about life in general.