Aug 2, 2016

Weekend Over

I had a really nice weekend. Relaxing, quiet, yet productive!

I spent most of Saturday with my youngest son, Liam (19) which hardly ever happens so it was very nice. He came with me to the farmer's market and grocery store and then we went out for an early dinner and to see Star Trek: Beyond. Movie was awesome! The day with my boy was even awesome-r :)

I got lots of housework and minor chores done. I became enamoured with "House of Cards" and "Kevin Spacey" on Netflix.

Food wise, I did well. Avoided grains most of the time and sugar all of the time.  I did have 1/2 cup of rice with dinner on Sunday and my blood sugar was higher than normal after, so definitely rice is something I will have to cut out now as well.

Tonight's dinner is bunless burgers and homemade oven fries.

No new weight loss as of this morning. Still holding at 228-230 (daily fluctuations).  Hopefully, I will see some movement this week.

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