Jun 30, 2017

Weigh In Week 41

I did get a new scale which is exactly the same model of my previous one.  A friend gave it to me so it's not "new" but it works consistently :) So this is my first real gain since starting in September.  I know June was a hard month. 

I had a lot of meals out, less exercise and found it hard to stay motivated.  Or it could just be a new scale!   Either way, doesn't matter - it will all work itself out over the next few weeks and I will not let it discourage or derail me. This is going to be a life long journey of CONSTANT VIGILANCE (Hi Norma!) and a bad week here or there is not going to define that journey. 

Many great things happened in June as well. I had my blood work done and everything is normal. Lipids, glucose, kidney/liver function - all well within normal ranges.  My resting heart rate has come down from the high 60's to low 50's. I can wear size 14 and size 14 petite in most cases in just about any store.  "Skinny" or "slim" styles don't fit cause of my butt and thighs but regular clothes fit and look great.  

I've spent a lot of time the last week walking and hiking.  Hiking in the woods is my happy place and both calms and excites me. I sleep better and deeper after a hike.   I started Couch to 5K again but I am still not convinced I want to be a 'runner', it's just another form of exercise to change things up again and to improve my heart and lung stamina. 

 I've just posted a few pics below of what made me feel good through June.


  1. It's actually pretty good that your "bad month" is only up 3.3 pounds. I think most of us can gain that in a bad weekend. Hahaha.

  2. I love the nature hikes.
    All your outfits look great.

  3. I'm sure at least part of that gain is the new scale. You're right, it will even out over the next few weeks, and you are still doing awesome!