Jun 15, 2017

Last Day...I hope!

Today is my last day of craziness at work. 6 meetings tonight from 5 pm to 9 pm then meetings drop to one a month until September/October. Thank God. I am so tired.

I still cannot shake this cold/sore throat/sinus issue and I am wondering now if it's allergies as it's been over 6 weeks. I will try and get to my doctor next week. 

I had an awesome time in Pennsylvania visiting my friends and we ate out every meal...which I knew we would. I started off making great choices, by the fourth day, not so great choices.  I ate about a quarter of that giant sundae in the photo below. It was a place that hand churned the ice cream and it was whip cream made from cream from a local dairy and you know what? It tasted fantastic. I am not sure if it's because of those things or because it's been a long time since I ate something like that. But it was a treat and definitely one worth it!

The drive was glorious. Everything was SO green. It reminded me so much of where I used to live in England. I've only ever been in the Fall before.

The gym in the hotel was under renovations (which they failed to tell me when I called on Thursday to confirm they had a treadmill and a bike) - and unfortunately the friends I was visiting are not active at all and  I didn't know the neighbourhood or feel safe enough to hit the trails on my own....plus I didn't want to take time away from my visit as they had planned a lot of activities for us.

We saw a local theatre production, went to a bunch of garage sales, saw Wonder Woman and did an Escape Room.  In between, we ate! Not even joking a little bit. Despite the food overload,  it was a great break from real life.

I weighed myself on Tuesday morning (my first morning back at home) and the scale said 172.6 lbs.  I wish I had taken a picture of it! I put in a new battery and it still said 172.6 lbs. Then I moved it to another place (I have tape on the floor so it's always in the same spot) and it said 212 lbs. Now I am sure I gained weight while away. My weight on the Friday morning I left was 182.3 lbs so I know I didn't lose 10lbs and I know for sure I didn't gain 30.....so it's time for a new scale I think. This one has to be at least 10 years old, it was a $19.99 WW scale from Costco. 

My clothes fit OK but I don't think I would notice a 3-5 lb gain in my clothes since most of them are fitting pretty loose.  That's this weekend's mission - find a new scale.  Any suggestions?

I go to the Diabetic Clinic at the end of June so I can check my new scale against the one there. There was always a 2 lb difference between my home scale and the one there.  However, I am always fully dressed at the clinic and at home I weigh in naked or just in underwear so I was counting them as pretty much the same.


  1. I use a Healthometer scale I got at Walmart for about $20, and it works great, weighs consistently, battery lasts a long time. Mine is the LED Split Mat Digital scale.

    I have made homemade whipped cream before, and it's amazing how different it tastes when it's made fresh. I don't blame you for treating yourself to it!

  2. I can't imagine being stuck in meetings till 9 pm - no wonder you're tired! I wouldn't be surprised if that's why you're not getting over the sinus and sore throat problems as well - you're probably a little run down from working so hard. Hopefully it is the last day and things will improve now.
    I have to say treating yourself to a sundae like that is absolutely the right thing to do - an experience in itself, not just bolting shop bought ice cream for the sake of it. Sounds amazing!

  3. LOVED Wonderwoman! Looks like you had FUN! and you also need a new scale... I have a WW 20 scale... My sister has the Under Armour scale that syncs with MFP and/or Fitbit... Either one keeps you accountable!! Glad you get to chill for the summer!

  4. It's frustrating when you can't trust your scale. I try to only step on it once because if I get off and then right back on its never the same reading.

    You had a wonderful vacation! We all need a break from reality sometimes.

    Sorry about so many meetings. I'd be exhausted. Hope the pace slows down and you can enjoy some of your summer.

  5. I love my scale!! I have a digital weight guru scale. It connects to my iPhone by Bluetooth. I have tracked my weight everyday since I bought it over two years ago. It is a great motivation to keep me on program. I live to see every ounce go down. It also tracks progress by week, month, year and overall. I highly recommend it.

  6. Hi Enz,
    RE checking the new scale you get - the way I used to 'calibrate' mine was, wearing the same clothing, hop onto it as soon as I got back from an appointment at the surgery (no eating, drinking or weeing in the meantime).
    The results were always pretty consistent.
    With your diabetic clinic coming up would that be do-able?

  7. Just checking in again. Miss your posts. Hope things are starting to settle down for you.

    1. Thanks Sarah. I am looking forward to a relaxing July!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic vacation. Did you like the escape room? We haven't tried one yet. Cute outfit in the pics :)

    1. Hello Anna,
      It was fun. An hour isn't really enough time because it takes about 15 min to organize yourselves and get the hang of the 'game'.

  9. Hi... +irsah from BHF.. testing out the comments box to see it in action...