Jun 8, 2009


It was a crazy weekend. I felt very ill and was in alot of pain with my back. I broke my tailbone over 2 years ago but it never healed properly and sometimes causes me alot of pain. I think driving to and from work for an hour each day and not sitting in a well made chair is contributing. I can't do anything about my commute but I am going to see about getting a better chair. In my job, I spend most of my day sitting and although it doesn't bother me during the day, I think cumulatively, the effect of a crappy, cheap chair is taking its toll on me.

I do get up every 45 min or so and walk around the trailer and I'm up several times an hour to the photocopier and filing cabinets so I'm not constantly in one position.

Eating wise, I did ok over the weekend, today was crap...when I don't feel well and don't get enough sleep, all reason goes out the window and I tend to undereat rather than overeat, but I don't eat "good" food. For example, all I ate all day was a bagel with butter around 9 a.m. and then an order of fries at noon. Then I came home and I had corn on the cob for dinner. Not alot of food all in all, but all high in "points" and low in nutrition.

I'm going to bed early tonight and hopefully will start anew tomorrow.

I've decided I"m not going to post my food journal every day any more. I used to do it because I needed somewhere to record it, but now I am using WW online, I don't need it in two places, so I'll use this blog to more record my thoughts and ideas than my food journal. It would be great if the WW site had a blogging option as well!

Our weather is still crappy. Hopefully summer will arrive at some point before Labour Day, but right now we seem to be experiencing a balmy and wet Spring. Nights are cold, sometimes at freezing or barely above, and days are dark and dreary. Hardly inspiring.

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