Nov 10, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Its been a whirlwind of a day.

I came in this morning planning to take tomorrow off, I only had two major items due today. By 10 a.m. I was run off my feet - I could NOT keep up today. Everyone wanted everything now. 

Finally - I am caught up, I can breathe and I am taking tomorrow off.

No good reason except I have vacation days I need to use before the end of the year and I feel like a "break".  I will probably waste the day, watch tv, cook, read - do nothing productive!

It was so wierd how I felt yesterday, today I am feeling fine and no problems. Very odd.  Food was good today:

Breakfast - pkg of Weight Control Oatmeal (maple flavour)
Lunch - frozen entree - President's Choice Chicken Chow Mein (the box showed lots of veggies but in reality it was mostly noodles)
Snack - mini rice crispies square
Dinner will be- homemade meatballs, pasta, grilled zucchini

Right now I'm at 13/26 points so plenty left for dinner and a snack before bed and I need to squeeze some more fruit/vegetables in - today was woefully low and I haven't had any milk yet!

I have some errands to run on the way home so I won't be home til a bit later. I want to stop by Wal-Mart and get some new TV DVDs to watch while I'm on the treadmill...not sure what yet!  Will let you know later.

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