Nov 5, 2009

Repeat of yesterday

Another stressful day today. 

At some point this cycle will end. 

Yesterday I ended up only using 18.5/26 points - not intentionally, but like I said, I tend to undereat when I'm stressed.  I'll try to make sure I hit 26 today.

I had the other Smart Ones Breakfast Quesadilla this morning (2 in a
box) and a Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamer (frozen entree) for lunch. So far so good, I've averted low or high blood sugar,  I am not hungry and I am not craving the muffins that are less than 5 feet away from me right now.

Even though the last few weeks have been crazy, I've managed to keep my blood sugar steady (with the exception of a few lows). This is so important to managing my weight and also to my mood and outlook on life.

Not sure what is up for dinner tonight - maybe chicken and some kind of rice. I will see what the boys want when I get home, although most of the time they eat whatever I make without too much comment.

I was in bed by 9 p.m. last night and slept til about 5 a.m. which is pretty good. I awoke to a dark, rainy, cold day in Toronto and as I was driving past the lake to work, the water looked like angry, rolling tar. It is definitely getting to be Winter.  I have plans to do some snow-shoeing with another WW once the snow hits. I've never done it, so I think that is going to be loads and loads of fun!

Enough rambling.


  1. Personally, I think that choosing the frozen entrees is a GREAT choice. Sure they may not be the best option out there, but the fact that you could be giving up in the face of stress and aren't is a sign of success. Do whatever you need to until things get easier. Whatever works.

    Did you manage to find a new scale?

  2. Wasn't it a miserable day? I was sure it was going to snow in Niagara! It sounds like you're managing through the stress. It's what seems to drive everyone to food...too much food.! Sounds so