Jan 8, 2012

Productive Weekend

I accomplished a lot this weekend with a little help from my friends...(cue Beatles music).

Unfortunately, as much as I got done on the errands/life stuff, I failed on the healthy eating side. I did get in a 3k run on the treadmill and a 45 min walk outside at Crawford Lake which was awesome because although it was cold and very, very icy - it was glorious to be outside in the sunshine.

Wednesday will be my Week 1 weigh in for the Spring Chick Challenge and I had a sneak peak yesterday and let's say it was a wake up call to get my $hit together and start rocking this weight loss thing again. I have pretty much steadily (and thankfully very slowly) gained weight since July. A combination of reasons/causes but none of them are insurmountable with more work and effort. I am hoping by Wednesday at my WW meeting I will see a slightly better number than I did yesterday.

I have all my food packed for tomorrow at work, my bathing suit and stuff packed to go to Aquafit  at 8pm tomorrow and my running shoes packed to go for a walk at lunch. I need more sunshine in the day to keep me sane. I leave for work when its dark and I come home when its dark, if I don't get out at lunch I don't see daylight at all because my area of the office is in the middle of the tower so there aren't any windows within in sight and if I walk past a window, there isn't a lot of light because of condos directly across from us. It amazed me today how much being out in the sunshine improved my outlook - and cured a nagging headache I've had for days.


Leigh C. said...

Planning ahead is key for success and it sounds like you've made a great plan for tomorrow. I'm here to support you. You can rock this SCC:)

Leigh C. said...

A fellow Hamiltonian:) I'm actually a Torontonian but moved here in 2002 and I'm never going back. Except tomorrow for work of course! Good to know that positive support is so close by:)

Kimberley said...

Great idea to go out and get some sunshine in the afternoon...I rarely leave my desk to go outside.

Carborexia is a feeling of not wanting to eat carbs.

Miz said...

Ahhh as much as I cant stand TX in the summer I dont find I long for the sun here as I did up north.


Maren said...

It's so hard sometimes.. I guess all we can do is just look forward :D

Gunnie said...

The sun is so awesome (especially this weekend)! Great job getting out on your lunch! That is always something I tell my self I will do, but.......maybe this is the year!!

Tamara said...

Never underestimate the power of fresh air and sunlight right? I love how prepared you are for your day. Keep it up!

illiterate said...

Sounds like you're on the right track and doing the things you need to get to where you want to be! I think you've got it.. Can't wait for your next update xx

- DS

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